We’d like to think that over almost 50 years we have developed a pretty good system for getting such a large amount of quality Welsh produce onto supermarket shelves all year round. Here at Puffin Produce, our quality promise starts in the field and continues throughout our whole process, from field to fork.

On The Farm

The start of the Puffin process really begins with our farmers on their farms and in their fields. Our expert agronomists work closely with our farmers to ensure quality and give advice from planting to harvesting for all our produce.


Planting happens between February - April for the majority of our potato farmers, with our Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes (PGI) being planted at the beginning of February to ensure early harvesting.


During the growing process our agronomists work closely with our farmers to keep an eye on our precious potatoes. They constantly check the quality of the potatoes to make sure they are growing well and ready for harvest.


Harvesting is one of the busiest times of the year, with both growers and the Puffin Produce team working together to ensure the best quality and maximum yield from each field.

Arriving at Headquarters

Once harvesting has taken place on farm, our growers deliver their potatoes or seasonal vegetables to our Withybush headquarters. Their deliveries get weighed and we take a sample of the load to check the quality.

Sorting the Potatoes

The potatoes are chilled to precisely the right temperature and stored until they are needed. Once the potatoes move into our packing facility, our skilled team grades them for size and quality using the latest equipment for speed and accuracy.

Testing for Quality

Every batch of produce that arrives at our Withybush headquarters is tested for quality by our technical team. The team test each batch to ensure that only the freshest and tastiest potatoes (or best looking daffodils!) get through. We are BRCGS certified and also hold Red Tractor for complete traceability.

Packing the Potatoes

Most Puffin Produce potatoes go to customers washed, so we wash and polish the potatoes to ensure a bright skin finish. All our packing is done at our Withybush headquarters, where our operations team work hard to pack large quantities of our quality Welsh produce daily.


As orders start to come in around 5am, our dispatch team work hard to make sure our freshly packed potatoes are on their way to our customers to meet orders and time frames.

In Retailers

Our dedicated retail team make sure our produce is meeting the quality and standards of our customers, providing a 100% service level for all of our customers.

At Home

Our Blas y Tir website has a whole host of different recipes avaliable, with the aim of providing inspiration for all our delicious produce.

On the Plate

The most important thing about our fresh produce is the taste. Whether simply boiled and served with butter, a bowl of crispy roast potatoes or a plate full of seasonal Welsh vegetables, our aim is to supply the best tasting produce available all year round.