10,000 Daffodil Giveaway at the Six Nations!

Puffin Produce give away 10,000 Daffodils at England vs. WalesWales vs England, Six Nations 2017, on the green, green grass of our fertile home.  A match like no other.  The daffodil versus the rose. Step forwards the Blas y Tir Great Welsh Daffodil Giveaway!

The ultimate patriotic symbol, the daffodil is a talisman for Welsh rugby fans, and we were there on match day making sure there were more daffodils in Cardiff than there were roses, by giving away 10,000 daffodils in the Blas y Tir ‘Great Welsh Daffodil Giveaway’ before the most iconic match of the home international season.

After supplying the nation with Welsh daffodils for 10 years – that’s 1.8 million homegrown bunches – we decided to celebrate by giving away 10,000 daffodils to rugby fans before the  Wales v England crunch-match at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff on Saturday 11th February 2017.

ITV Wales News Coverage of the Blas y Tir Great Daffodil Giveaway

We even dropped some daffodils directly to the Welsh Rugby Union, to get both the men’s and women’s teams in the patriotic spirit before the match – they were greatly received!

Despite the daffodils being associated with luck, it was a disappointing loss for the Wales rugby team, with England scooping the victory in the closing stages of the game. Our daffodils may not have been lucky this time, but we can guarantee there were thousands of people in Cardiff wearing their daffodils with pride on match day!