Blas y Tir Daffodils bring spring early!

Welsh Daffodil Field

Blas y Tir Daffodils are back in season and ready to bring a bit of spring into family homes throughout Wales!

The flowers, which are one of the national emblems of Wales, have grown particularly well this year due to a warmer and slightly wetter November and December.

Here at Blas y Tir we grow a range of different varieties of Daffodils, timed to bloom throughout the spring to make sure that Welsh Daffodils are on supermarket shelves throughout the spring months and available for St. Davids Day, Mothering Sunday and Easter Sunday. Each daffodil variety has distinctive characteristics, from larger and more robust stems, to smaller and darker trumpets (the central trumpet-shaped section of the flower). The varieties grown by us here at Blas y Tir are specifically picked because they are not only beautiful when in bloom, but they grow well within our Pembrokeshire soil.

Before being send to the supermarkets, each daffodil is individually chosen, cut and bunched by hand to make sure only the best make it into a bunch of  Blas y Tir Daffodils.

Grown to be enjoyed by households throughout Wales, you can now pick up a bunch of Welsh Blas y Tir Daffodils at your local Asda, Waitrose or Morrisons store!