Getting Wild with Wildlife!

Wildflower mix on headland of potato field - REEF 2019

As a key part of ensuring the Pembrokeshire landscape and farming communities for generations to come, here at Puffin we recognise the impact of looking after both our farmers and their farmland.

Working alongside our growers we are always looking for ways to increase the environmental credentials of our farming practises, and focusing on areas such as soil health, are vital to maintaining healthy land.

Recently, Puffin Produce growers R E Evans have sown a bespoke green headland seed mix on 2 hectares worth of headlands in their potato fields in Pembrokeshire. Sowing this wild flower seed mix into these soils, not only reduces the risk of soil erosion, but also retains key nutrients held in the soil and improves soil structure on headlands.

Using wildflowers to cover this land has also increased the biodiversity within the landscape, with this flower mix providing essential pollen and nectar for pollinating insects later in the summer season. An increase in insects and wildlife is not only beneficial for the population numbers of the wildlife affected, but is also beneficial for crops.

With positive results over the summer season, R E Evans will be continuing to sow headland strips into our Cauliflower fields this Autumn.