Our Packaging

Plastic packaging plays an important role of maintaining product quality and safety during storage, transit and display in store. We are currently working with our suppliers and customers to investigate the best materials to make recycling as easy as possible at household level.

Our current Blas y Tir potato bags are made of a material called LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), which is the same material as plastic carrier bags. These polyethylene materials are currently recyclable where facilities exist, so please check your area before putting in the recycling bag.

Our Blas y Tir Pembrokeshire Early Potato bags and Blas y Tir Leek and Spring Onion packaging are made from a material containing Polypropylene and therefore not currently recyclable at kerbside. We are working with industry to trial more recyclable options.

Working alongside organisations such as WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) we are looking to create further clarity around the recyclability of our current packaging. To this end, the below tool will enable you, as an end consumer, to find out where you can recycle your plastic potato packaging in order to help protect our environment and reduce waste plastic. Some local supermarkets will also have additional recycling facilities at the front of store for polyethylene based materials, such as plastic carrier bags and plastic potato packaging.



Reducing our use of plastic and working towards achieving easier recyclable options for our end consumers is an ongoing project here at Puffin Produce. Currently, a percentage of all of the plastic waste produced on site is recycled and we will continue to monitor the availability of more recyclable materials for our current packaging options.