Pembrokeshire Earlies in stores throughout Wales!

Our award-winning Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes are back in supermarkets throughout Wales this week!

This year has certainly been an easier season for our dedicated Pembrokeshire Early Potato growers…

Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes New Season

In spring 2018 the ‘Beast from the East’ hit the UK with colder weather fronts and snow covering much of the country. For our potato growers, and all agricultural industries within the UK, the arrival of long weather fronts such as the ‘Beast from the East’ can have a truly detrimental effect on business. As a grower-owned business we are hugely invested in our growers doing well, and continually work with them to provide both a stable and guaranteed market for their product, as well as allow their businesses to grow.

Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes New In Season

Last spring saw our agronomy and commercial teams work even more closely with our growers and retailers to overcome new issues generated by poor weather and continue to grow great produce for the year to come.

Spring 2019 has certainly been a different situation! Milder weather conditions have meant that our growers have been able to get seed potatoes in the ground earlier than usual and our crops have enjoyed warmer temperatures, cool rains and soft, nutrient-rich soils to grow into the award-winning potatoes in stores today!

Picking up our Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes…

Our delicious new season Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes are available in major retail stores throughout Wales, firstly as Blas y Tir Loose New Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes and then as 1kg pre-packed Blas y Tir Pembrokeshire Earlies.